Great accessories for your workshop or garage in 2022


It is easy to buy accessories for your workshop and garages to get messy. This is especially true when they are used for multiple purposes, like storing your car and also being your workshop. Whether you just like to tinker with cars, use this space for building things for a business or like to take on a lot of DIY projects, a messy space can be counterproductive and dangerous. Here are a few things that can help you keep accessories for your workshop or garage tidy, clean and safe.

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1. Storage for recreational purposes
Bike racks

Whether you use your bike to ride with the kids or go cycling every day it is good to invest in a rack for it. A rack will keep your bike out of your car’s way and will minimize the chance of the bike falling over and being damaged if not propped properly against the wall.

Sports equipment racks

To keep those balls and special shoes in place rather than them rolling all over the place, and give you space to hang your tennis racket. A sports equipment rack will keep everything accessible and you won’t have to hunt for that tennis ball under the car anymore.

2. Storage for everything
Overhead storage

Can be a real space saver. Overhead storage allows you to expand your storage space without taking up any more of your floor. It is perfect for items that are not used very often and leaves more accessible storage free for things you need regularly.


A great place to store heavier machinery or to organise smaller tools. There are so many different types of cabinets out there that can help keep your space organised. From stationery cabinets to roller tool cabinets that can make your life easier if you constantly have to move throughout the space.

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Tool boxes

Are great for the person on the move. They are easy to keep in your workshop or garage and can be taken with you around the house or further afield. However, a drawback to tool boxes is that they can get heavy, so it is always best to make sure you have the right one and only take with you what you are going to need.

Tool panels

A great way to organise your smaller tools and have them visible and easily accessible when you need them. A tool panel can also be a great space saver as it uses your wall rather than your floor space, leaving you room to place a desk, workbench or cabinet underneath.

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Is a great tool to have in your workshop or garage if you have the space for it. There are different sizes available, as well as ones with cabinets and drawers that can keep everything organised and close by while you work.

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3. Floor accessories for your workshop
Smart, clean floor mats

It is inevitable that your car will drag dirt into the garage, especially during the rainy and snowy months. Floor mats can help keep your garage floor clean. Rather than all the dirt being dragged across the floor, the car is parked over the mat and everything is collected there. The mats are easy to clean with just a rinse or a quick scrub for stubborn stains.

Parking aids

Little mats that go in the front of your garage. These aids are perfect for smaller garages that hold more than one car or even for a tight single garage. The wheels of the car align with the mats to help you park the car straight and leave enough space on both sides for the doors to be opened or to avoid damaging your second car.

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4. Keeping it clean
Garden tool organiser

If you use your workshop or garage to store your garden tools, a garden tool organiser is a must. It will prevent your garden tools from getting mixed up with your work ones and also stop any garden dirt from getting around the whole space.

Wall-mounted vacuum cleaner

An excellent tool to keep your space clean while conserving space. It is small and easily mounted on your wall ready to use when needed.

Infographic: Great accessories for your workshop or garage in 2022

Great accessories for your workshop or garage in 2022

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