How To Keep Earbuds Steadily Without Falling Down In The Middle


My earbuds simply won’t keep within my ears!”

“I hate it after I ought to keep one hand on my earbuds whereas figuring out – with great care that they don’t fall out!”

“Why can’t my earbuds simply sit safely within my ears?

Does it sound like you? Well, you’re not alone then!

There are a unit plenty of individuals WHO simply can’t keep their earphones safely placed within their ears. With additional and additional folks adopting  earbuds or wireless earphones, these styles of complaints became a typical occurrence!

Not as a result of there’s a difficulty with these earbuds, however solely as a result of many folks don’t pay a lot of attention to the form and size of their ears and buds.

Well, during this web log we are going to not solely tell you concerning the importance of getting an ideal match however discuss a number of things which will assist you keep your best earbuds within your ears!

Let’s begin by attending to understand why it’s vital to search out the correct slot in headphones.

As already mentioned, this cannot solely forestall them from breakup of your ears each currently then however will enable you to relish associate immersive listening expertise. Bass are going to be deeper; sound effects are going to be robust and not have a “tinny” or “hollow” ring to them, and your audio won’t be disturbed by excess feedback or outside noises.

The comfort of the right match can enable you to wear them for as long as you wish, while not burdening or pain your ears!

Overall, it’ll be a win-win for you!

Now let’s discuss a number of things that you simply ought to be keeping in mind so as to attain that good.


1. Wear them the correct way!

‘But I’m already doing that! similar to everyone else!”

Well, a majority of individuals (this includes our friends and therefore the strangers we have a tendency to bump into everyday) wear the buds of their headphones in an exceedingly common method – that’s by inserting the earbuds directly into the ears that in most cases won’t be that a lot of tight, particularly once your buds area unit connected by an extended wire that’s once more connected to your mobile or laptop! the answer is to essentially loop the wire around your ear then insert the earbud within. during this case, you may have steady mounted earbuds in your ears whereas your ears carry the cable tension!

And if you’re going with wireless earphones, ensure that you simply follow the directions enclosed with them and experiment with completely different placements and wear them within the most engineering method for your ears.

2. strive stretching your ear lobe

It might sound silly to you however this straightforward trick will solve your issue and build your day! particularly if your earbuds’ tips area unit made from foam, rubber or polymer, this will facilitate get them safely placed within your external auditory canal.

Just gently stretch your ear lobe with one hand to open the external auditory canal whereas victimization the opposite hand to insert the earbud. unleash the ear lobe after and your ear cavity can form itself and kind a good seal round the earbud!

3. Stop cleansing your ears with cotton swabs

In case your earbuds have begun to fall out recently and this wasn’t happening before, then most likely you have got a buildup of wax within your external auditory canal. The wax is preventing your earphones to suit properly and is inflicting them to fall out easily!

Using a cotton swab won’t utterly take away the wax, however, can simply push it any inside! this can on one hand harm your ears also as forestall your earbuds from staying in their place!

Apart from these tricks, you’ll additionally attempt some sensible solutions like sporting associate ear hotter after your area unit going out for a run on a chilly chilly morning! this cannot solely keep your ears heat however will prohibit your earphones from falling out!!  Having mentioned all the tricks, we’d additionally suggest you travel for the in-ear wireless earbuds that keep company with ear hooks! they provide another advantage once it involves providing a secure fit!

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