iDrive adds unlimited cloud-to-cloud backup of Microsoft 365

Certainly one of our favorite on-line backup offerings, iDrive, has delivered a new characteristic: limitless cloud-to-cloud backup from Microsoft 365 non-public debts.

This might feel rather acquainted: iDrive offered a comparable software aimed toward Google Workspace and office 365 business customers final yr, which blanketed OneDrive, alternate, SharePoint, and teams. The Microsoft 365 non-public plan additionally functions OneDrive, and the programs that would back up their documents to it: Outlook, phrase, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Excel. The brand new non-public plan expenses $20 in line with user, consistent with yr, the equal according to-seat charge as last yr’s expert supplying.

IDrive is already one among our maximum relatively encouraged cloud backup alternatives, capable of returned up your computer to the cloud with either a loose plan or paid alternatives that go all of the way from 5TB ($24.88 annually) to 100TB ($699.Sixty five yearly) on the corporation’s non-public plan. (test out our roundup of the nice home windows backup software program for extra.

IDrive on-line Cloud Backup

The organisation’s new backup plan monitors and backs up your information three instances daily, shifting the data to iDrive’s servers through an AES 256-bit encrypted transfer and storage. If you by accident delete a file, or the report turns into corrupted, iDrive can recover the document internal your account or down load them on your device. You can also search and recover specific documents and folders. IDrive additionally takes more than one snapshots of your saved documents, so you can get better unique variations of your facts.
An example screenshot of the iDrive backup dashboard.

iDrive Online Cloud Backup
iDrive Online Cloud Backup

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On line backup offerings like iDrive recommend “the guideline of 3”: shop a replica of your facts, as well as a copy of a duplicate, to preserve three separate instances of your facts. You’ve probable already sponsored up a replica of your Microsoft 365 statistics to OneDrive; iDrive is imparting that extra reassurance which you’ll be capable of maintain that saved records in the destiny, too.
Backing up Microsoft workplace 365 data with IDrive permits customers to backup their entire Microsoft workplace Suite consisting of OneDrive, SharePoint, trade, and groups records, not like different backup services who most effective shield a restricted amount of this data. By using using this unmarried backup answer method, customers can take away the complexity and prices related to preserving a couple of separate backup sellers.

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Functions of Microsoft workplace 365 Backup with IDrive encompass

Automatic backups – runs 3 computerized backups on a each day foundation, shielding records from unintentional deletion and ransomware or malware assaults.

Seamless retention – retains preceding versions of the sponsored up information as factor-in-time snapshots, allowing customers to run factor-in-time restores in their facts to the precise kingdom it become in on the time of the backup.

Granular healing – search and recover particular files, whole folders, pix, films, emails, or even contacts and calendars.
Organisation-wide seek and repair – without problems search and repair statistics from a single platform, as well as monitoring and controlling the statistics with agency-huge visibility.

This modern providing from iDrive ambitions to simplify statistics control for companies and individuals alike, supplying peace of thoughts and strong protection in opposition to unforeseen information loss incidents. Let’s delve deeper into what this means for users and how it enhances the general records backup panorama.

Seamless Integration

One of the standout capabilities of iDrive’s cloud-to-cloud backup for Microsoft 365 is its seamless integration. Customers can effortlessly join their Microsoft 365 debts to iDrive, bearing in mind the automatic and non-stop backup of vital documents, emails, calendars, and contacts. This integration streamlines the backup method, putting off the need for guide intervention and making sure that no information slips via the cracks.

Limitless storage

With limitless storage, iDrive eliminates the limitations commonly related to conventional backup solutions. Customers now not need to fear approximately exceeding garage quotas or having to prioritize which documents to backup. Whether or not you’re a small enterprise with full-size information desires or an person consumer with a developing collection of files, iDrive’s limitless garage guarantees that you may protect all of your Microsoft 365 information without compromise.

More suitable protection

Security is at the leading edge of iDrive’s cloud-to-cloud backup solution. Making use of sturdy encryption protocols, statistics is securely transmitted and stored within iDrive’s notably relaxed infrastructure. This degree of protection ensures that sensitive records stays covered towards unauthorized access and cyber threats. Imparting customers with the self assurance that their data is in secure hands.

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Comprehensive protection

In addition to safeguarding files, iDrive’s cloud-to-cloud backup extends its safety to encompass all elements of Microsoft 365, such as emails, calendars, and contacts. This complete approach ensures that users can recover not most effective their documents but additionally important conversation and scheduling information in the event of statistics loss or machine failure.

Peace of thoughts

In the long run, iDrive’s limitless cloud-to-cloud backup for Microsoft 365 gives customers peace of thoughts. By way of entrusting their records to a reliable and confirmed backup solution, customers can awareness on their center sports with out the regular worry of potential data loss. Whether it is safeguarding commercial enterprise-vital statistics or maintaining cherished reminiscences, iDrive empowers users to take control of their records and shield what topics maximum.


IDrive’s advent of limitless cloud-to-cloud backup for Microsoft 365 represents a big development in records safety generation. Via supplying seamless integration, limitless storage, superior security, comprehensive protection, and peace of thoughts. IDrive reaffirms its commitment to delivering revolutionary answers that meet the evolving wishes of present day users.Also, with iDrive, customers can relaxation assured that their statistics is in succesful hands, letting them embody the digital future with confidence.

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