New Tools that every software Developer Should Know.

software tools
software tools


Programming is fun as long as you don’t hit a wall. In this situation, one tries to break through the barrier or find a way to overcome it. The article does not explain how to break this barrier, but it teaches some tools that will help you break this barrier. The article covers the 9 most important tools that new software developers should know in 2021.



Cacher is one of the programs you need to become a professional programmer. The program is designed to save code snippets for later use. The simple tool supports many scripting and programming languages, and you can access your snippets anytime, from any device.


Hide is available in both free and premium plans, and the free plan lets you save 15 private clips. The rest will be open to the public. You also get options to share snippets with other developers.



software tools
software tools

software developer

What is Trello? Trello is a project management tool. Helps you build organizational projects. Some people think Trello is for teams, but I’ve been using it individually for a long time.


It works by adding boards (projects) and creating cards (maybe tasks) in those boards. Opening a map opens a new window where you can add information about that map. Information can be:


  • control List
  • designation
  • events
  • Labels
  • memories
  • card user
  • You can also assign users to tasks, set deadlines, and add reminders to stay on top of things.


Trello is just software, but you have hundreds of integrations to automate your work. The free plan only offers the installation of a single integration, but the premium plans allow you to install as many as you want.


light switch

Another new tool the developers are considering is Toggl. Toggle is a free and simple time tracking app. Here are the steps to use Toggl.


Download the tool

  • Add a task title
  • Create projects and tags as needed
  • Assign projects to each task
  • time track

The great thing about the tool is that you get an organized weekly stats email that includes data for every project and task. Also, if you forget to start the timer on your PC, you will be reminded every five minutes.

Finally, when the computer is ideal for more than five minutes, it asks if it wants to save that time. Toggl is a must-have app for seeing which projects and tasks are taking longer than expected.


Slack (for teams)

If you work in a team, Slack would be a great way to communicate. It’s more organized than basic messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. Slack is designed to help team members communicate, set reminders, and share files.

Use channels (groups) so you can create different groups for developers. For example, teams working on the UI and the backend may have separate communication channels. This helps members work efficiently and resolve issues quickly.

Also, like Trello, Slack has integrations. Apps like Google Drive, OneDrive, Noto, etc. can be integrated to operate them without leaving the tool. Slack is free to start with, but you get less storage, limited message history, and fewer options on the free plan.

Slack is for teams, but people can use WhatsApp, which has great features compared to Slack.




Visual Studio is one of the most popular programs. Not because it was developed by Microsoft, but because it’s a comprehensive tool that offers coding in a variety of languages. It supports Python, C#, C++ HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Visual Basic and more. Other languages ​​can also be added via plugins.Depending on the language, the software adapts to the environment, allowing you to properly debug the program. Visual Studio is available in several plans, but the community version (free) is pretty much all you need to start creating programs.





Notepad is available for free on all Windows computers, but did you know that there is a free open source application designed specifically for programming languages? In addition to basic text functions, Notepad++ supports encoding.


You can save classes or just declarations and use them later. The way it works is you select a language and start typing. Also, it offers the browser functionality to keep each note in a separate tab. Some other Notepad++ options are:


  • dark mode
  • read-only mode
  • language selection
  • encoding options
  • Save as language file
  • clipboard history
  • Plugin compatibility
  • These features make Notepad++ a useful offline tool for saving code snippets for later use.



Notepad++ is a great app, but it only works on a Windows PC and its outdated design doesn’t appeal to some developers. Sublime is the remedy for these problems. It is a code editor with a modern design that offers auto-completion. Moreover, you can open two files at the same time and all files will be saved on your computer. The tool is freemium, but the free version is more than enough for individual developers.


SoloLearn (mobile app)


SoloLearn is a mobile application. It’s a code compiler that comes with lessons to learn. It’s also a place where thousands of programmers share their work.It supports many languages ​​like JavaScript, HTML, Java, C++ and C# and you can run code in all these languages ​​on your mobile phone.

The fun starts in the community area. You see projects and the work of other developers. You can see their codes and run them in the app. This way you can learn to program even if you don’t have access to your computer.



unity 3D
unity 3D


Unity3D is a game development engine developed by Unity Technologies. It is one of the best engines for creating simple 2D games to complex 3D and VR games.

For starters, it supports JavaScript and C#, while you can download an asset called Bolt for programming by dragging and dropping instructions. This is useful for non-programmers to learn programming.It also uses Visual Studio as its compiler, which is fast and advanced. Unity3D has developed popular games like Call of Duty Mobile, Pokemon Go, and Valheim. The company is also working on animation. So if you’re interested, you can expect to see animations in Unity3D.


The final result

Programming is many things, including the two inevitable parts of puzzles and debugging. These tools are designed to make your job a little easier. Some can be very useful, some not, but tools like these will help streamline your work and give you a little more traction.

Anyway, here we end this article: 8 best tools new programmers should know. Thanks for reading and if you liked it, share it with your friends and help them become better coders.

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