What is a smart shop? How to do it?


Smart Shop is a new trial version of the in-store shopping application that allows you to scan on the go. This means you will be able to skip the pay lines and be on your way in no time.

There are two ways to start:

Smart Shop App:

Register by downloading the Smart Shop App. The user interface of the Smart Shop application is straightforward and attractive. You can create an in-app shopping list. Which is a great way to bring your entire shopping experience together in one place. However, I was confused with how you sorted the items that I entered (see the image above). I think an additional benefit would be to allow you to group the items by category (e.g. dairy, fruit). Or by food so that the much more useful shopping list.

The main functionality of the application is “scan, pay and go”, using your phone’s camera. Once you arrive at a store, the app prompts you to start a store. Select your app store and download the app.

Smart Shop store in phone:

Touch phone to unlock it and scan your Nectar Card to start a store. If you don’t like using your phone, you can use one of the Smart Shop barcode scanners that you can pick up at the front of the store.

By using your Nectar card to unlock one. You can start your store and place your phone on the base attached to Sainsbury carts. I think having both options available is ideal for SmartShop adoption. As those with less tech-savvy may be comfortable using an old barcode phone. And those with the latest smartphones will jump right into the experience of the application.

Once you have selected your method of shopping, all you need to do is shop, scan, and package your products, then skip the lines and pay instantly by heading to our checkouts. Smart Shop when done.

How do I place an order and pay for my items?

Whether you use a Smart Shop phone or the Smart Shop app on your mobile phone, you can pay at a dedicated SmartShop checkout by card only or at a Smart Shop-enabled self-service checkout (varies by store). If you make smart purchases at a convenience store using the Smart Shop app on an iPhone, you may be able to pay with Apple Pay and skip payments entirely (available in some stores, check store signs).

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Who started the smart shop first:

Sobeys tests the smart shopping cart that scans and verifies. Sobeys has started testing a “smart” shopping cart from Caper Inc. that keeps track of the foods customers choose and allows them to pay without going to the checkout.

Store employees are testing the Caper smart cart at the 41,000-square-foot Glen Abbey Sobeys grocery store in Oakville, Ontario. New York-based Caper said the partnership with Sobeys made it the first independent automated payments company to have a live commercial implementation with a large retailer. The Canadian grocer plans to make the cart available to shoppers in three weeks.

Called Sobeys Smart Cart, the high-tech unit uses artificial intelligence (AI). And machine learning to scan and weigh products as customers place them in the cart. A touchscreen near the cart handle displays a current number of selected items, and a connected point-of-sale card terminal allows customers to pay for their purchases directly from the cart. The shoppers pack their own groceries, and after payment is made, they leave the store. The smart carts are collected and returned to the store.

Smart Shop – scan, pay and go:

Smart shop

In 2018, Sainsbury’s widely launched the Smart Shop, a “new technology that gives shoppers the ability to make purchases and skip a payment.” Customers can now use the Smartshop app or phones to scan on the go. Then shop at a dedicated Smartshop checkout.

With Sainsbury’s prediction that in-store contactless payments will count for 1 in 3 transactions by 2020. It’s clear that they are confident this is the way to go. After a trial period at London branches,the technology is now available in stores across the country, including my local store. As a user experience enthusiast and interested in new technologies,I delighted to try out Smart Shop, focused on usability and accessibility.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the process, from signing up for Smart Shop to purchasing in-store. While I know this technology is still in its early stages, I did extensive testing at Smart Shop, testing different use cases to find areas for improvement and decide if this is really the future of the Weekly Store.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

  • As long as you have an Apple (iOS 8.0 or later) and Android (Jellybean or later) phone, you can download the Smart Shop app, sign up, and start building your shopping list at home.
  • If you are picking up fruit or veg that needs to weight, use the scale in the produce aisle to get a barcode label, then scan.
  • For individual items that do not have a barcode, check the receipt on the shelf to see if there is a specific barcode to scan.
  • Some products are labelled with security labels, visible or invisible, and require authorization due to age restrictions. Your phone will alert you, so put it aside when you get to the checkout and a coworker will help you.

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