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                  Standalone application: The Standalone application is a one that can be Executed Independently and                                                                            execute and Produced Output.

                  Web Application: The Web Application it runs in browser and not need to be Instilled.

Different Types of  Platforms

There are a unit four differing types of artificial language platforms:

1. Java Platform, commonplace Edition ( SE): The SE’s API offers the  programming language’s core practicality. It defines all the premise of kind and object to High-level categories. it’s used for networking, security, info access, graphical interface (GUI) Development, and XML parsing.

2. Java Platform, Enterprise Edition ( electrical engineering): The EE platform offers associate degree API and runtime atmosphere for developing and running extremely ascendance, large-scale, multi-tiered, reliable, and secure network applications.

3. Java programming language Platform, small Edition ( Maine): The  ME platform offers associate degree API and a tiny-footprint virtual machine running programming language applications on small devices, like mobile phones.

4. Java FX:  The FX could be a platform for developing made web applications employing a light-weight user-interface API. It user hardware-accelerated Graphics and Media engines that facilitate  profit of higher-performance purchasers and a contemporary look-and-feel and high-level genus Apia for connecting to networked knowledge sources. To understand programming language, we want to grasp some basic construct of however a worm will run a command and execute the action.

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