Flutter Vs Swift Which is the best choice for iOS development


There’s Associate in Nursing app for everything, and if your business doesn’t have one, you’ll be missing out on potential revenue. client demand for reliable, easy apps has ne’er been higher. as luck would have it, advances in mobile technology have created it straightforward to develop high-performing iOS and automaton applications.

However, before you start building your app, you’ll ought to verify that framework can work best. the 2 main decisions for iOS app development area unit Flutter/Dart and Native iOS/Swift. So, we’ve provided this mobile app framework comparison to assist you work out that framework or language is correct for your project.

An Overview of Flutter vs. Swift in 2021

In 2014, Apple free its multi-paradigm, compiled artificial language, Swift. it’s Associate in Nursing ASCII text file, general language designed for native iOS development. Swift offers several edges, including:

  • Excellent documentation
  • Free and ASCII text file
  • Good code readability
  • High speeds
  • Advanced practicality
  • Dynamic libraries for simple scaling

Flutter, on the opposite hand, is Associate in Nursing ASCII text file, multi-platform mobile SDK developed by Google. It uses the Dart artificial language, and Flutter permits you to create iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, Google Fuchsia, and internet apps all from constant ASCII text file. Flutter offers constant edges as Swift, with many more perks. Flutter benefits include:

  • Free and ASCII text file, with a larger range of users
  • Great documentation
  • High speeds
  • Graphics engine
  • Variety of helpful tools to hurry up development
  • Hot reload
  • Support for older devices
  • Widgets for simple interface creation

Flutter vs. Swift Speed

App build times area unit just about continuously quicker after you use native programming languages. So, after you cross-check clean build times for Flutter vs. Kotlin or Swift, the latter languages area unit virtually absolute to be quicker. However, after you look on the far side the initial clean build, extra Dart builds increase in speed and therefore the language becomes additional competitive.

Flutter Vs Swift
Flutter Vs Swift


When considering time-to-market for Flutter vs. native iOS development, Flutter very shines. only a few corporations wish only one single-platform app, thus if you employ Swift to create Associate in Nursing iOS app, you’ll even have to develop a separate application for automaton. this will get quite pricey, since the developers can ought to build 2 separate codebases.

However, after you use Flutter for cross-platform app development, you’ll be able to utilize one code base to develop apps for multiple platforms. Not solely can the apps all work absolutely on their individual operational systems and devices; however you may conjointly cut back each development and maintenance time and expenses.

In addition, development is solely quicker with Flutter. There area unit many Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) you’ll be able to use to hurry up Flutter app development, as well as Visual Studio Code, that has several of constant options as automaton Studio and IntelliJ, however it’s a lot of lighter and quicker. you’ll be able to get a basic Flutter player on the market among a handful of months and add new options over time. instead of waiting six months or additional to launch a fully-developed application.

Plugins and code reusability

We’ve already mentioned Flutter’s fantastic code reusability and therefore the benefits of employing a single codebase to develop apps for multiple platforms. This capability conjointly reduces testing times, since the developers won’t ought to check app performance for 2 fully separate applications, as they’d if you used Swift and alternative native frameworks. Flutter conjointly offers a good style of plugins for quicker and easier development.


If you’ve got a giant budget to develop clearly separate apps for every platform, then Swift could be a good way to travel. You’ll get swish, fast, reliable apps mistreatment native frameworks for development. However, a smaller budget doesn’t mean that you simply ought to compromise on performance.

Flutter apps will give native-level performance across all platforms, since they run mistreatment natively compiled code, while not interpreter interference. additionally, the Flutter animation package makes it straightforward to create a sleek, intuitive UI. Most of the Flutter animation widgets feature pre-set effects, however, they’re conjointly customizable to your specific wants.

Popularity and Use Cases

In a 2020 Stack overflow survey, Flutter was stratified within the high 3 most most popular frameworks, libraries, and tools. Flutter has 118K stars on Github, as hostile Swift’s 55K. However, each frameworks are accustomed produce a powerful style of applications.

Swift Apps:

  • LinkedIn
  • SlideShare
  • Lyft
  • Firefox
  • Eventbrite

Apps designed with Flutter Framework:

As you’ll be able to see from the Flutter app examples, the framework are often accustomed build a huge style of applications for businesses of all sizes, as well as retailers, monetary organizations, suppliers, franchisees, and eHealth corporations.

However, once considering Swift vs. Dart, confine mind that there area unit some Flutter limitations and things wherever you may be higher served by a native framework. for instance, you’ll not wish to use Flutter if:

  • Your app size are terribly little (1-3 MB), since Flutter apps tend to be larger than native apps.
  • You need to use hot code pushes to skip the App Store review method once change your app.
  • You’re developing a additional advanced game, like PUBG. Flutter is intended for apps, not games, however, the framework will work nice for easy games.

Additional Flutter options for iOS Apps

When wanting to decide on the proper framework for iOS app development, don’t suppose that every one of the cool Apple solutions area unit solely compatible with a native framework. you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate the subsequent options into your Flutter iOS app.

  • Apple HealthKit – permits your app to browse and write the user’s health and fitness information to their Health app, adding another level of knowledge and pairing cleanly with their current answer.
  • Machine learning – leverage on-device machine learning to develop innovative, powerful options, giving your users a innovative expertise.
  • HomeKit support – offers your users the power to seamlessly connect your app and devices to their current good home system and management them mistreatment Siri.

Flutter Audio

When we were building Med order application for our shopper, we tend to suddenly meet a problem: there wasn’t how to record speech mistreatment the Google-provided genus Apps. The shopper UN agency we tend to be were developing the project for came up with the thought of the event of the sound recording plugin as Associate in Nursing open supply contribution. So, we tend to design Associate in Nursing sound recording plug-in for the project! Here could be a nice article thereon.

Flutter Vs Swift
Flutter Vs Swift


Swift could be a nice native framework, in its title, however Flutter offers various edges, as well as the power to develop apps for multiple platforms employing a single ASCII text file. Flutter works cleanly for a large style of applications, it enjoys additional community support, and it’ll prevent time and cash on development. Swift works all right for native apps, however, as Flutter continues to boost, it’s going to even surpass Swift for iOS app development.

If you wish to develop Associate in Nursing iOS mobile app mistreatment Flutter, contact U.S.A. to be told additional concerning what the framework will do for you.

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