Having Difficulty Finding Developers? Try These 5 Suggestions

Introduction To Difficulty Finding Developers

Difficulty Finding Developers: Finding excellent talent is becoming more and more difficult finding developers. Companies are fighting fiercely for top talent, and each is improving its recruiting game differently, from incredible benefits to completely transforming company culture. This competitiveness is most evident in software development, one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. It’s also performance-oriented and presents hiring managers with an intriguing dilemma: How do you hire the best programmers before competitors?

Here Are Some Ideas For Fixing The Issue.:

1.Learn The Basics For Difficulty Finding Developers

Nobody expects a recruiter to be a coding expert, but industry knowledge can greatly help. You’ll become more aware of the qualities you’re looking for in prospects and more easily track the interactions between the candidate and the hiring manager.

Several things to watch out for include:

What technologies do programmers use? Your development team may use different programming languages, each with its features. For example, C# is an object-oriented programming language commonly used in games, but PHP is used for server-side scripting and high-content applications. You don’t have to be an expert, but the least you can do is ask your hiring manager about the key technology your team uses.

What is the fee for this service? The salary for developers is determined by their seniority and the technology in which they specialize. For example, Objective-C developers are paid better than Swift engineers on average. You’ll have a better idea of ​​how easy it is to find developers and what kind of payment to spend to get them once you know which ones you want.

What are the candidate’s responsibilities? Will this recruit add expertise that the rest of the team lacks? Will they be working on your main project or a whole bunch of other projects? Familiarize yourself with the team’s unique expectations for this new developer.

2.Practical Skills Should Be Prioritized.

When hiring developers, practical experience should always take precedence over a CV. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t evaluate someone’s education; it should, but only as part of the bigger picture, not as a business.

Giving code reviews a higher profile in your recruiting approach is the most obvious way to highlight practical know-how. If the candidate is employed, a well-designed programming test should reflect the obstacles with their employment. During the one-on-one interview, it gives hiring managers the opportunity to further explore the exam with the candidate.

Another technique to focus on your prospect’s practical talents is to ask for a portfolio of their previous work. This way, you can see concrete examples of their work. You can spend as much time as needed discussing how they completed those projects, their biggest obstacles, how they handled problems, and so on. And when recruiting React developers, ask to React interview questions during the interview.

3.Freelancers Should Be Considered

A freelance developer may be a better option if your team needs a specialist with specific skills for a specific project. You can ask your current developers for recommendations; You sure have someone in mind. It’s also worth checking out popular freelance websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal, and Fiverr. Upwork is known for having a large pool of talented developers, with JavaScript being the most in-demand technical knowledge on the platform.

References are crucial when evaluating independent developers. Pay special attention to freelancer profiles – most freelancer platforms are quite open,, and positive and negative customer reviews are often public.

4.Grow Your Talent Pool Difficulty Finding Developers

If you’re having trouble locating needed people, you may be dealing with a small talent pool. You can increase your reach in several ways:

Make the job description a little more flexible. An overly specific job description can scare off potential candidates who fear they won’t meet all of your overly strict requirements. List only the technologies and skills needed; You can obtain additional information about a candidate during the interview. It’s also a good idea to avoid using the term “requirements.” “Desired skills” convey a similar message, and prospects are more likely to apply even if they don’t check a few boxes.

5.Interpersonal Skills Should Be Prioritized

When hiring engineers, never forget about interpersonal skills. If you’re only looking for technical experience, you may hire a candidate who lacks a strong work ethic and poor organizational skills. Also, according to a study, soft skills training can generate a 256% return on investment, indicating that soft skills are more valuable than you might think. Because effective work from home requires a high level of responsibility, work ethic, and task management, soft skills are especially important for people moving to remote work.


Don’t be concerned if it takes a lot of time and effort to discover the top developers. Recruiting A players can take a long time. However, there are some things you can do to put yourself in a better position to succeed. Work closely with your development team leaders, expand your talent pool, and be patient. And it gets easier once you’ve made your first notable hires – good difficulty finding developers always strive to join a team of exceptional experts!

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