What Goes Up And Never Comes Down: A Riddle


What Goes up And Never Comes Down has gone viral on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram during the COVID-19 pandemic. Know the riddles of What Never Goes Up and Down and also find the explanations of the riddles. Learn about puzzles that go up but never fall. Have fun while challenging your family and friends.

Why Are You Trying To Solve The Riddle of About ?

Despite pandemic-related lockdowns and social distancing, the country has shown that there is no such thing as social distancing. The active use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp demonstrates this. As people spend more time with family and friends, we’re seeing some riddles and brain teasers that have gone viral during the lockdown. This particular riddle of What  goes Up and Never Comes Down is all the rage on various social media. Check out this mind-blowing riddle and challenge your friends and family!

How Busy Have You Been During The Lockdown?

Our lives changed dramatically a few months ago when Boris Johnson made a pivotal statement. The Prime Minister told us to leave the house to go to work only when necessary, to buy the fewest necessary items, and to exercise for a short time.

Since then, the motto has changed from “stay home” to “stay vigilant.” However, many of us stay at home looking for something to entertain ourselves.

The What  Up And Never Comes Down Puzzle

Those who remember hearing this can quickly find an answer, but it’s quite a challenge for those unfamiliar.

So this is it

What Goes Up And Comes Down?

Think twice before scrolling through the answers below.

Is it physical or conceptual?

Am I not sure yet? Okay, do not worry. We have the answer for you…

What is the answer to the riddle between things that go up and don’t go down?

The answer to the riddle What goes up and never goes down is very simple: Age.


Many of you will have guessed the correct answer, but for anyone who is waiting for an explanation. What goes up and never comes down requires something that rise up but Never Declines. The age of a person is a normal thing that increases from year to year and does not change it all


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