How to insert a text field in Google Docs


How to insert a text field in Google Docs? There are several ways to make your text stand out in Google Docs, but nothing compares to a dedicated text box. Many users wonder how to add a text box to their Google Docs files because the process is not as easy as you might think.

It is a free and easily accessible alternative to word processors like Microsoft Word. Fortunately, despite the free service, there are plenty of features that can help you create professional-looking documents. While this is as easy as inserting a text box, there are several ways to do it.

This article will teach you how to bring your Google Docs files to life with text boxes. Highlight your paragraphs and design your document in such a way that it touches your readers.

Add a text field in Google Docs using tables (How to add a text field in Google Docs):

Although the main function of tables is to compress data, you can create and customize text boxes. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you set up your Docs sheets and customize them to look like a text box.

What we love about using tables to create text boxes is the ability to display and use them on any device. All versions of Google Docs, including iOS and Android support tables, make this a universal way to create a text field.

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In all versions of Google Docs, here’s what you need to do:

  • Open Google Docs and edit the document you want to add a text box to. Make sure the blinking cursor is where you want this text box to appear.
  • Click on the Insert tab and hover your mouse over the table. A grid will appear where you usually choose the number of cells in your table.
  • Reduce the number of rows and columns until you have selected the first field in the upper left corner. When you click this box, Google Docs creates a 1 × 1 table. In some versions of Google Docs, you may need to click the Insert Table button to complete the table.
  • Click on the table to enter text. You will notice that the parameters look like a text box.

You can also customize the look of your table to look more like a text box. This allows you to present your document with a more consistent appearance. Make sure the blinking cursor is inside the board before changing its appearance. Here’s everything you can do to customize your single cell table in Google Docs.

  • Use the background fill tool in order to change the background of your text box. If you don’t want an experience for the text box, choose the Transparent option.
  • Use the Border Colour tool to change the colour of the border in your text box.
  • Use Frame Width to change the thickness of the frame around your text box. If you want to remove the border around the text box, select 0px.
  • Use the Frame tool to choose between solid, dashed, or dotted frames for your text box.

You can also use standard text formatting tools to customize the content of your text field in the table. You can find it in the toolbar. Change the font, size, and colour of the text to align it with your own field.

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Google Docs is a versatile device for growing and editing documents collaboratively, and adding text fields can enhance the interactivity and capability of your documents. Whether you want to create a form, accumulate comments, or without a doubt spotlight precise areas for enter, placing text fields in Google Docs is a trustworthy method that may be done in a few easy steps.

Inserting a Text Field

To insert a text field in Google medical doctors, follow the steps:

1. Open Your file: Log in to your Google account and navigate to Google medical doctors. Open the report wherein you want to insert the text discipline.

2. Get entry to the Insert Menu: click on the “Insert” option in the menu bar on the pinnacle of the screen.

3. Choose Drawing: in the dropdown menu, hover over “Drawing” and pick out “New”.

4. Create Your textual content subject: A drawing window will open. Click on the “text box” icon inside the toolbar (it seems like a “T” with a square around it).

5. Draw Your Text Area: click on and drag to create a textual content box of the desired length and form on the drawing canvas.

6. Input text: Double-click within the textual content field to enter the text that you want to display within the textual content discipline.

7. Adjust Formatting: Use the formatting options in the toolbar to personalize the font, length, color, and alignment of the textual content within the textual content field.

8. Shop and close: when you’re satisfied with the text field, click on the “keep and close” button in the pinnacle-proper corner of the drawing window.

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Using Text Fields Effectively

Text fields can be utilized in numerous methods to decorate your files:

Paperwork and Surveys: Create interactive forms and surveys by using text fields where respondents can input their answers.

Remarks and feedback: Use text fields to allow readers to provide comments or feedback at once inside the file.

Highlighting statistics: Draw attention to unique regions of your file by putting textual content fields with essential data or instructions.

Growing Templates: design templates with editable textual content fields for customers to fill in their very own details, including resumes, certificates, or invoices.

Tips for Working with Text Fields

Right here are a few additional suggestions to keep in mind when operating with textual content fields in Google Docs:

Alignment: Make sure that textual content fields are aligned nicely with the encircling textual content and other elements of your document.

Spacing: Depart OK space around textual content fields to prevent crowding and preserve clarity.

Accessibility: don’t forget accessibility tips when designing forms and files with textual content fields to ensure they may be usable with the aid of all people, including those with disabilities.

Trying out: take a look at the functionality of text fields, particularly in forms and surveys, to make sure that they behave as predicted and allow customers to input records correctly.


Adding textual content fields for your Google medical doctors’ documents can decorate their interactivity and functionality, making an allowance for greater collaboration and engagement. Using following the simple steps outlined above and considering first-rate practices for the use of textual content fields efficaciously, you can create dynamic and interactive files that meet your particular wishes and targets.

Infographic: How to Insert a Text Field in Google Docs

How to Insert a Text Field in Google Docs
How to Insert a Text Field in Google Docs

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