6 Ways to make Webinar More Interactive


The effectiveness of the webinar depends on the level of audience interest. The main mistake many speakers make is to organize their speech as a conference where they simply convey information and don’t care about the engagement and interaction of their listeners. However, it is more reasonable to display less data and be more aware of your audience to make a webinar interactive and interesting. In this regard, various principles can be followed and various actions are taken to make listeners more curious and interested.

What makes a webinar interactive?

Frequent changes in Webinar:

Human nature tends to get bored easily and quickly. This trend is particularly pronounced in recent years. The more content that is produced, the less time people spend processing it.

The brain needs news to stay alert. Therefore, speakers should change presentation frequently. For example, a speaker can simply change the format like following a conference by discussion, poll, etc.

But it is good to stick to the “golden mean” rule. Changing slides or formatting too often can be irritating and inefficient, as listeners will have a hard time following the speaker’s ideas. As a result, viewers will easily lose interest.

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 Exercises and challenges in Webinar:

People accept information better when they are actively involved in the process. Audience exercises are a great way to make a webinar interactive and engaging.

The challenges activate the brain and increase its awareness. In addition, people digest information better in practice, that is, on the basis of a simulated situation.

The challenge doesn’t have to be big: you don’t want to overload your participants. Coursera teachers usually take a quick quiz every 5-10 minutes to see if people are paying attention. You can take the same approach in your live webinar.

When listeners exercise and respond appropriately to challenges with the material presented, they are more likely to understand and adopt new ideas. Therefore, the stated goal of a webinar is more likely to be achieved.

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Questions (polls, polls, etc.):

  • It’s a great idea to ask questions and even do a poll or poll of the public. Here’s why questions matter:
  • They help speakers discover the impressions of their listeners
  • It is important to understand and understand the public’s opinion about the information provided. If your statements say you are bored, then it is possible and time to include them in a personal anecdote or show a funny picture.
  • They call for general communication between speakers and listeners
  • Contacts, you’re running a coding webinar. It is a complex subject and it is related that people are more direct and related. If you go unnoticed, you run the risk of losing your hearing.
  • So it’s important to hear your eligibility and see if they can get help.
  • It is also a good idea to have a moderator heard.
  • They help to regain attention and increase engagement

More ways to make a webinar interactive:

The classic way to motivate your audience and get their attention is to break the ice. You can ask general questions such as: does or does it belong to tea or coffee, and more industry-specific questions.

Distinguishes you, a certain person and a certain person. This makes our webinar room a real understanding as by challenging a participant you let your personal knowledge so that you can see and hear it.

This will make them less tempted to listen to their Instagram every now and then as they will now feel like they have been betrayed.

By speaking directly to your face-to-face conversations, you also became the emotional distance between you and the personal audience, the engagement that was there.

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There is no doubt that the speakers came into being. Music is one of the most legal instruments for promoting awareness and awareness of behavior.

Music is also a way to change a situation, take a break, or change a situation.

The right piece of music can make the atmosphere of an online meeting more comfortable, informal and structured. How it is about another to take care of a certain perception of information information.

Realize that videos can see 12 times more shares (see 12 times more engagement) than text and video combined. If this medium is not used in its presentation, it is a content medium.


Here are a few ways you can include a video in your webinar:

Start a discussion in Webinar:

While theoretical knowledge may be of interest to some, most people attend a webinar to learn something practical. You want to interact with the new ideas, not just stick them in your head. If your assistants just wanted to learn something, they could just open Wikipedia.

Instead of spending hours thinking about the benefits of 3D marketing and augmented reality, you can show a video (see IKEAs here) and give a practical example of this type of advertising.

You can then ask your viewers to share their thoughts on a specific case. Do you have any ideas on how to improve a particular marketing campaign? Put your viewers in an expert position, but don’t forget to add your own opinion.

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Test participant:

If you’re hosting a public speaking webinar, have your attendees watch a video and see any logical mistakes the speaker made. Let them post their answers on chat and greet those who guessed right.

Your attendees can hear audio and scroll through your stream at the same time, which is impossible with video. With videos, your viewers are more likely to focus on your webinar and interact with you and others.

Video adds to the bankruptcy of your webinar by encouraging users to closely watch, test, and share what they have just seen.

To discuss:

Webinar services almost always involve chat. This makes sense because a webinar is more interactive when listeners have the opportunity to share comments and ideas about your webinar. You can share examples from your own experience and ask questions without interrupting the whole process. Many new webinar developers make the mistake of only paying attention to questions from the audience. And while this is important, you should also thank users for only sharing their positive experiences with you. It helps build relationships that go beyond the traditional teacher-student model. It will also inspire other participants to share their comments and interact with you as they would expect the same appreciation.

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