insta posts
insta posts

Write a good post on Instagram

How do I write a good social media post instagram beautiful that gets shared? post about what? Are there instructions for writing messages? Should you work with companies that allow you to buy Instagram followers? We will talk about that in this article.


There is an opinion that writing text articles is long and difficult. The purpose of this article is to show that writing a post and gaining an audience can be easy if you know a few steps and follow our algorithm. Just make two or three posts based on our recommendations and the skill will stick.


Rules for writing social media posts

Some experts say that each social network has its peculiarities and you should write for them in different ways. Others believe that public interest is paramount, that the platform itself is secondary, and that no separate instructions are required to write a message for a specific service.


We will consider appropriate universal recommendations for writing posts in any social network.


How to find an idea

First you need to choose an interesting topic – often the problem with most bloggers or business accounts is a lack of ideas. Watch the cool things around you, get inspiration from industry and world news, write topics because ideas come unexpectedly. So you don’t waste time searching for a topic.


After choosing a topic, you need to set a goal. What will subscribers discover? Why is this information useful?

The stated goal is to make the text coherent and structured. When there is no clear goal, the author begins to try to “embrace the immeasurable”, thoughts jump from one to another, the reader does not find answers to questions, gets bored and scrolls through the post. Focus on the audience’s needs, not your own interests.Work on it by choosing a strong goal that will engage the audience. You can buy real Instagram followers and it will come in handy, but the main thing is to keep new readers with interesting posts and instagram beautiful.

Decide what to post about: select and answer a specific question. In addition, the chosen question becomes a good title.


Where to find post ideas:

Texts in blogs on the same topic;

insta posts
insta posts

credible professional articles;


Write down the correct structure.

Although long texts by some authors get thousands of likes, people on social media generally like short texts more than long ones because they want to have fun and not get bogged down in a complex article. It is therefore important to emphasize theses and to create a structure based on them. The outline guides the reader fluently through the text and summarizes the results.

Formulate the thesis for each point and give approximate subheadings:


Title and abstract (announcement, foreword) contain the main topic and, if necessary, reinforcement (if you want to show that even beginners understand the material, or you need a provocation);

the introduction asks the main question why it is important and how the contribution will help;

the main part is the answer to the question;

At the end there is a summary, a request for dialogue or an incentive to buy.


write a draft:

In this part, the text base is made in line with a given structure. Expand basic ideas, notice and complete facts, convincing examples for the audience. don’t attempt to write lovely texts at this stage. now could be the time to gather and organize the mandatory data.


The size of every section ought to be acceptable for the aim of the speech act. The optimum length of the message is 2000 characters. The introduction mustn’t exceed 300 characters. it is best to speak regarding the most plan quickly, therefore as to not waste the audience’s time.


Add a title at the top to affix or share the discussion within the comments. browse the draft. alter complicated expressions, eliminate repetition and gratuitous introductory constructions. bear the text, ensuring you haven’t forgotten something regarding the meant structure.

insta posts
insta posts

How to write fascinating texts which will be shared:

The biggest impact comes from posts that followers share with their friends. What motivates folks to message or repost someone?

selftranslation. folks post content that supports their image. Therefore, athletes share psychological feature pictures and exercise descriptions, and a novice businessperson can for sure repost articles on skilled and private development. it is a good way to indicate your friends your values, goals, and beliefs.

strong emotions. It are often joy, anger, sadness, hate or no matter. Through a repost, an individual expresses her angle towards a powerful reality.

belonging to a team. many of us tend to have an interest in what’s necessary to others. Therefore, common news, new memes and comments on shocking topics area unit unfold.

Bring. Sharing cases and recommendation makes folks desire they’re serving to others. another excuse to repost such a message is that the ability to save lots of it and are available back thereto later once required

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