What Are Facebook Ads And What Are They Based On?


Facebook ads are powerful digital marketing tool – how do they work and how much do they cost? Facebook started out as an entertainment platform where people could come together and meet virtually. Exchange opinions and share their passions. In just a few short years, this social network has grown into one of the most powerful digital marketing tools. And many businesses around the world are using it for their business.

But what does Facebook have to do with advertising? This social network provides business website owners with a paid promotional tool they can use to increase brand visibility and achieve a number of marketing goals: in this guide. You will understand what Facebook Ads are, what they are used for, how much it costs to invest in this type of advertising, and how to do it consciously and effectively.

Facebook ads: what are they and what are they based on?

Facebook has very high traffic, which makes it a great platform for “finding” potential customers. The ads in FB, a technical term for inserts, are personalized ads that target a potentially interesting target for a specific product or service. With this advertising system, you can advertise many events, such as your fan page and your content, website or blog, event, video, app or product catalog.

Unlike Google’s paid ads, these ads show people who may be interested in the product or service that a company is promoting, precisely because those users have demonstrated it through their actions on the platform. Facebook with interests similar to those of the company. Approval. . Company that has invested in advertising.

Another aspect that has made Facebook successful is social proof – people are more likely to trust a business if their contacts are already following or buying it. It is well aware of this mechanism and therefore tends to display the faces and names of people who have already liked the products or services of a particular company, thus increasing the likelihood that people will click on the ad.

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Facebook ads: what are they for?

Facebook Ads are usually tied into a general web marketing plan so that all tools and platforms are geared towards the same goal. This type of activity, if carried out professionally and with the help of a competent professional, can produce several results:

  • Invest in brand awareness, implement brand visibility;
  • Capture the latent demand of customers who do not know your brand but are potentially interested in your product or service;
  • Nurture new leads, then collect new contacts that emerge in your business that can be retained through a series of actions through email marketing, etc.
  • Bring targeted traffic to your website, be it blogging or e-commerce. This aspect is positive both for you, because you can increase the number of visits to the site, and for people who can find content and products / services on the platform that correspond to their interests;
  • Promote and sell the products of your Facebook catalog;
  • Encourage people to engage with your content to create a loyal community and true brand ambassadors.

How does Facebook advertising work?

Creating powerful and effective Facebook ads is not easy. It is best to contact a social media specialist who knows the Facebook Business Manager tool and the different campaigns. The distribution of an ad has 3 phases: the campaign, the ad group, the ad. Creating a campaign is the first and quickest phase and involves choosing the goal, which will vary depending on the needs of the business you want to promote. There are three categories of objectives:

  • Brand awareness with brand awareness and reach;
  • Include traffic, interactions, app installs, video views, lead generation and messages;
  • Conversion with conversions, product catalog sales and point of sale traffic.

Factors affecting the cost of Facebook ads:

Before deciding on the cost of Facebook ads, there are a few deciding factors to consider:

  • The specificity of the reference objective. When you reach a high-demand audience, your Facebook advertising costs are higher;
  • The chosen marketing objective has a significant influence on the costs of the sponsorship campaign. In general, selling and generating leads costs more than brand awareness campaigns or blog traffic.
  • The presence of more or less established competitors on the platform. Your marketing costs will depend on how many competitors you have, how much they want to spend. And how relevant they are at the campaign level. Therefore, a competitive analysis can be useful.
  • The timing of the advertising activity. At certain times of the year, such as Christmas and Black Friday, the advertising budget increases dramatically due to the relationship between supply and demand.

What’s New in Facebook Ads in 2021?

2020 has been a very busy year for Facebook and all digital sponsorship campaigns, so there are some new things to consider in the last few months. The first is the transition from Business Manager to Business Suite. Now the platform allows you to manage both FB and IG from one place with a variety of important tools. After all, according to recent tests, Facebook has issued a 20% text limit for sponsored ad images.

Does it make sense to invest in Facebook ads?

Many companies are still wondering today if it makes sense to invest in Facebook ads. It depends on the business strategies outlined, but Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms that offers high-quality digital visibility. And is designed to grow over time with a competent and brand-consistent digital strategy.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopening a Facebook page and not having to invest in advertising is anachronistic. The organic reach of the new pages is almost nil and Facebook is no longer an expensive newspaper, but just an advertising tool.

Anyone dealing with social media marketing knows that organic page rankings are minimal and continuing to decline. A Facebook presence only makes sense today if a targeted advertising strategy is planned if resources are not wasted for content production. . totally.

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